HostingRaja Dedicated Hosting Plans and Pricing


Dedicated servers are also known as managed servers which are used for hosting your website. In dedicated servers, clients have an option to lease the entire server. Dedicated servers are famous compared to shared hosting. In dedicated servers, the organization will have the entire control on servers. In dedicated server there is also another level, it is known as complex managed hosting. Complex managed web hosting will consist of Hybrid servers and virtual servers. However, most of the organization choose hybrid hosting. There is numerous difference between complex and shared hosting. In the dedicated server, the provider manages the entire management, it includes of safety, storage and memory. Many administrations might be supplied by the hosting company. At some time dedicated server will provide small overhead and big go back on funding. Dedicated servers are mostly housed in data centers. The server hardware will be owned by the provider and support for operating systems of application is also provided. When you are using the dedicated servers, you can enjoy the benefits of high performance, email stability, security, and control. Dedicated servers always cost high, it will be used only by the website that has huge traffic.



Advantages of Dedicated Hosting services:


1)Server resources are not shared: While choosing the dedicated hosting services, you get complete access to the single server. No need get worried about other websites clogging up the server’s RAM and CPU. With the use of the dedicated server, you could make sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage will not reduce your server speed.


2)Flexibility: A dedicated server permits the client with flexibility of customizing the server to the client's specific wishes for RAM, disk area, CPU, and software. With shared hosting, a client is restricted to the applications, software program and operating environment already loaded on the server. They'll either provide software program a customer doesn’t want or lack things that they do.


3)Unique IP address: Each and every has its own particular IP address. With shared web hosting, that means that you also are sharing an IP address with multiple different websites.

With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, that means your own unique IP address. It is particularly important if you are running a large e-commerce website, that needs for SSL for credit card processing.


4)No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment: If an organization requires dedicated hosting but doesn’t have the time or sources to manipulate a server themselves, dedicated website hosting is a low-cost way to utilize the resources of a complete server. A devoted hosting company handles the price of building and maintaining the server equipment, decreasing the overhead for a business purchasing server space, and enhancing their return on investment.


 HostingRaja Dedicated servers features and price details:


HostingRaja offers up to 44% to 55% price discount on all dedicated Servers listed on their website. As compared to other hosting companies HostingRaja provides a much cheaper price. They also offer free control panel worth Rs. 7200 + good support + Indian dedicated server from Indian Datacenter + secure server and etc. Read HostingRaja complaints and reviews for more info.


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                            HostingRaja dedicated servers features:


                                         1)Storage & Bandwidth

                                          2)Root SSH Access

                                          3)Unlimited Domain Hosting

                                          4)PHP5 Support

                                          5)SSL Secure Server

                                          6)IPv6 Support

                                          7)Canned CGI Scripts


                                          8)Full CGI Access

                                          9)Network Isolation

                                      10)Web-Optimized Virtual Machines

                                      11)MySQL-Optimized Virtual Machines

                                      12)Powered by Linux-VServer

                                      13)Full Unix Shell

                                      14)Perl Support

                                      15)Server Side Includes (SSI)

                                    HostingRaja dedicated server price info:


                                     1)Basic servers starts at Rs 6110/month

                                     2)Value server starts at Rs 8457/month

                                     3)Silver server starts at Rs 8833/month



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