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Founded in 1996, they are one of the oldest, strongest and most stable hosting communities. Make DomainHost your home on the Web, and enjoy the benefits of our experience, resources and commitment.
Their entire team is committed in providing customers with outstanding support and uptime, innovative technologies, and a "no-worries" hosting environment. Whether you're new to the Web or a website designer, they have hosting packages, tools and a committed Member Support team that will help you achieve your goals.
DomainHost offers shared-hosting, Web-marketing, and site-management tools for thousands of website owners


DomainHost offers a stable, redundant hosting environment built on state-of-the-art technologies. Your site will be accessed by visitors via fast (OC3), triply redundant Internet connections. Web and email files are served through a farm of load-balanced Linux machines that utilize Apache Web server software, so your site will load quickly and not be impacted by the performance of any one machine. They also utilize NetApp storage clusters, such as those used by Yahoo®, Cisco Systems® and Oracle®, which store each file in at least two locations to ensure reliability.


The One Plan(Unix Platform) starts from:
1) Monthly Payments at $9.95/month
2) Quarterly Plan at $8.95/month
3) One-Year Plan at $7.95/month
4) Two-Year Plan at $6.95/month
5) Three-Year Plan at $ 5.95/month


Solutions for beginning and advanced users—It doesn't matter if you are an HTML novice or you create dynamic ecommerce sites, DomainHost provides every level of user the tools to create a stunning website.
Trusted by Web developers—they offer advanced features for experienced Web developers, including the ability to use Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Web developers trust DomainHost with their business by hosting multiple sites for their clients on DomainHost.
Here to stay—Founded in 1996, they are one of the oldest hosting communities on the Web.


DomainHost provides Chat or speak 24x7 support team for their customers and their infrastructure has hosted millions of sites over the years and they keep adding new tools for the customers to have the very best web presence. All of there services are integrated and managed by the same dedicated customer support team.


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The main reason to go for this web hosting is...
By Sharath Tripathi
3rd July 2017

The main reason to go for this web hosting is of their service review. But once when I started using their server my problem was bullying up one by one. Even when I contacted their support team, no proper response.
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DomainHost they do not provide the stable hosting environment. Always...
By Sageena Banu
26th June 2017

DomainHost they do not provide the stable hosting environment. Always there will be one or the other problems. I'm really fed up to contact their customer support. Even they provide the worst solution.
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DomainHost does not have a good environment in providing web...
By Sharath
24th June 2017

DomainHost does not have a good environment in providing web hosting services. They just play with customers and does not provide quality hosting. They have a bad security in hosting.
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