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Sedo stands for "Search Engine for Domain Offers" and their online platform currently provides not only a convenient searchable domain marketplace, but also extensive services for domain buyers and sellers: from domain parking to value appraisals all the way up to the brokerage and marketing of domains by their professional brokerage team.
Specifically tailored to customers from the internet industry – one of the world's largest distribution networks for registrars (SedoMLS) offers extensive registry services which they use to support owners of Top Level Domains (gTLDs) with the market launch of their new domain suffixes.
Sedo has been a member of United Internet AG since 2001.


1) Companies and startups searching for their perfect address
2) Concise internet domains for marketing and campaigns
3) Developing an online presence for new products
4) Investing in valuable domain names
5) Monetizing unused web addresses
7) Earning money with Domain Parking
8) Professional trading of internet domains
9) Launching a Top Level Domain (gTLD)


Buying options overview:
1) Buy Now
This is the quickest way to purchase and then immediately begin using a domain. First the seller specifies a binding Buy Now price and then the buyer pays the exact price displayed on the domain offer page.
2) Make Offer
There is no fixed price listed but offers are welcomed. When you place a bid, the seller decides if they would like to negotiate with you. If both parties can agree on a price, Sedo will complete the sale.
3) Domain Brokers
As a buyer, you can also use their Brokerage Services. their experienced domain experts will help you with price negotiations and purchasing – even for domains which are currently not available in our database
Sales options overview:
1) Buy Now
Find a buyer for your domain directly on our marketplace: Buy Now domains offered at a fixed price are sold up to three times faster in comparison to other sales options.
2) Make offer
Communicate to potential buyers that you are interested in receiving offers for your domain. You can start negotiating with any interested parties directly and agree on a price as soon as an offer is received.
3) Broker Service
Sell your high value domains with the support of their professional Domain Brokers. They contact potential buyers, negotiate the price, then secure payment and ensure a seamless Domain Transfer.


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