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Years ago, their founders realized that many online service providers lacked the skills and vision needed to provide truly integrated, holistic, and flexible online solutions. In addition, these mavericks realized that many businesses were paying far too much money for far too little results.
That's why in 2002 they launched MochaHost - The Online Central.
MochaHost is located in the heart of Silicon Valley ( San Jose, California ); specializing in providing professional hosting, web design, e-commerce, and Internet promotion services.
At MochaHost, we believe that the key to success is to provide professional services at a well balanced price.


1) 180 Days Risk Free Guarantee!
2) Ultra Fast & Secure Servers
3) Enterprise Data Centers
4) They Guarantee 100% UPTIME!
5) Easy Website Builder
6) 24/7 Technical Support
7) 24/7 Servers Monitoring
8) Enterprise Level SSD - SAN Storage
9) Free SSL Certificate
10) Free Migration Assistance


Shared Web Hosting:
1) Soho at Rs 1.95/month
2) Business at Rs 2.95/month
3) Mocha at Rs 6.21/month


All of their shared hosting packages (Linux based) come with the leading web control panel - cPanel, providing you with hassle free management of your account through your favorite web browser. No technical expertise is required to manage your account.


To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability, and disaster recovery, they use some of the most advanced data centers in the USA - in Chicago, Illinois. These are equipped with: USP backup, diesel generators, tape libraries, 24/7 monitoring, security alarms, hand scanners, etc.


Live Chat 24/7.
At MochaHost they strive to maintain the highest possible level of quality and service - always keeping in mind the importance of listening to the feedback they get from their customers or users of this site.


MochaHost Uptime and Downtime:


MochaHost gladly publicizes its 100% uptime ensure, this is without a doubt less demanding for the organization to accomplish on the grounds that its dedicated servers are set up in the cloud. In any case, the uptime guarantee covers all products, including shared hosting services. Uptime is measured on the monthly bases. On the off chance that the organization neglects to meet its SLA, clients can manually claim fairly modest account credits of 3% of the month to the initial 3 hours, then 5% later. Remember that the host's bundles begin at a couple of dollars a month, so these credits are probably going to be of constrained an incentive to clients on low cost plans.


In spite of its server status page, the organization does not distribute or archive uptime figures. MochaHost utilizes server farm offices in Chicago, IL. The buildings are outfitted with reinforcement power and generators, tape libraries and biometric security hardware. Nothing affirms the correct number of data centers or their exact areas, so it's difficult to state precisely information reinforcements are taken, yet these are not for customer's' utilization. MochaHost says it just uses them if there is a crisis.


MochaHost Money Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy:

Before you agree to accept an arrangement with MochaHost, analyze the terms of the 'risk-free' certification as this isn't a 180-day money-back guarantee. MochaHost offers an unconditional promise strategy, however, it's shorter. Clients can guarantee a full claim in the event that they can cancel off inside 30 days.


Furthermore, the host offers a 180-day 'risk-free' policy, which basically implies clients can cancel off in the initial 180 days and get a professional rata discount for whatever remains of the term they paid for. There are no discounts for quite a long time effectively spent. Clients who need to cancel off their hosting plan after the initial 180-days aren't qualified for any discounts whatsoever. As is normal, discounts avoid charges paid for domain names, SSL certificates, and different services.



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Great and easy services by mocha host. In the beginning,...
By Bernice Michal
31st October 2017

Great and easy services by mocha host. In the beginning, i was quite depressed about their services because my previous companies failed to provide good services. I had faced many losses due to the worst services. My website was totally unreliable and my business was running under loss. I have tried many hosting companies but the service provided by all the companies were pathetic. But mocha host services are very helpful and my website speed is extremely good. I got back my business due to their first class services and affordable packages.
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I really had a very good experience with MochaHost. They...
By Calvin Mace
26th September 2017

I really had a very good experience with MochaHost. They provide appropriate services. My website is very fast and reliable. They provide a good uptime and features. I had some issues with data and bandwidth, everything was solved within a day. Probably MochaHost is one of the best service providers.
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