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DreamHost is one of the most prominent organisation providing wide range more than 200,000 websites and functions more than 700 individual web servers. DreamHost is one of the few companies to guarantee 100% up-time, rather than 99.9% up-time. Moreover, the awesome 97-day money-back guarantee is one of the lengthiest in the market. The organization also provides a price secure up, obtaining in your web variety price once you sign up to be a individual. Of course, if you stop, then you will no more have that benefits and will have to pay the existing sign-up amount if you choose to come coming back to their assistance later on. Dreamhost is also a natural web wide range using fresh, energy, and once they can sustain very high reliable client program.

Dreamhost has been an independent organization since it was established in 1997, and it has offices Brea and Los Angeles in California, and Portland, Oregon. Most of its peers had been swallowed by large web hosting organizations, so this is a credit to its business model and the commitment of its founders. In the recent year, Dreamhost has grown to be well-known for its generous 97-days money back assurance. It has introduced cloud web hosting and computing offerings to develop its portfolio, and enhance reliability. Mostly Dreamhost's plans are marketed to people and startup organizations.Dreamhost provides an opportunity to develop, with VPS web hosting, and dedicated servers and they also provide e-commerce and reselling.


1) Unlimited Websites
2) Professional Email
3) Free Let's Encrypt SSL
4) Incredibly Fast SSD Hosting
5) Professional Email
6) DreamHost Control Panel
7) Unlimited MySQL Databases
8) Canned CGI Scripts
9) Full CGI Access
10) Rails, Python, Perl Support
11) Crontab Access
12) IPv6 Support
13) Subversion Repository (SVN)
14) Access to Raw Log Files
15) PHP5 Support


Shared Hosting Plans:
1) Monthly at $10.95/month
2) 1 Year at $9.95/month
3) 3 Years at $7.95/month
VPS Hosting Plan:
1) 1 GB Ram at $ 15/month
2) 2 GB Ram at $ 30/month
3) 4 GB Ram at $ 60/month
4) 8 GB Ram at $ 120/month


Dreamhost's reliability has continually been on the shared website hosting services, and it continues to offer shared hosting these days, with additional specialized plans for WordPress. The 100% uptime guarantee may be appealing for small organizations, and its one-click package for WordPress consists of computerized updates. Resources are limitless space, email accounts, bandwidths, and domains don't have any cap. If you are willing to run only WordPress, the Dreamhost services is a completely controlled WordPress product. Dreamhost implies that it is lots quicker than usual shared web hosting, and it scales to address spikes in visitors.

Control Panel:

Mostly, the admin panel provided by DreamHost isn't an 'off-the-shelf' business product. Along with cPanel, alternatively, DreamHost has their personal custom written admin panel. Even as this panel can be a bit of a way of life shock for those coming from different hosts. The DreamHost panel, after you are accustomed to it, gives a degree of capability and ease-of-use that exceeds applications inclusive of cPanel.


All direct technical support for the DreamHost stage 1 plan is provided through support tickets despatched through the admin panel. While most of their customer queries had been given suggestions promptly. The actual replies were continually pleasant and furnished the information had to remedy the problems very fast. DreamHost has said that they are presently hiring more support members so that the response time can be increased in the future.


Their actual replies are really pleasant and immediate and still, they are continuously working on it as they are hiring more professional support teams. Even there plans are cheaper but still they provide the best technical support to their customer by solving their any minor or major issues.


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When my coworker recommended me to try first with Dreamhost...
By ravi
23rd August 2019

When my coworker recommended me to try first with Dreamhost when compared to other hosting providers to build my website.
And he also said that their support was far better, and yes he was right when I built my site. The support team is quick to respond with all the possible suggestions, they have even fixed a couple of problems
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