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Katya Web is an IT Solution provider with the full range of Web products and services like Web Designer, Web Hosts, Domain Resellers and Technology Consultants. Katya Web is considered as a most reliable service provider with a good range of products and services, that make them become the best web presence service, providers. Katya Web products include the Web and Email Hosting, Website design, SSL Certificate and Domain Registration, that makes their customers and resellers to make use of their entire Web Presence market.


1) Backups integrated in cPanel
2) Easy restore from cPanel
3) Remote backups
4) 30 restore points for the last 30 days
5) FREE daily, weekly and monthly backups
6) Latest quad core Intel CPUs
7) 32 GB RAM
8) 100 mbit/s connectivity
9) Web Based FTP
10) FTP Session Control
11) Redundant RAID10 disk space


Web Hosting:
Economy Hosting Plan:
1) Child at Rs 199/year
2) Starter at Rs 399/year
3) Unlimited at Rs 899/year
4) Advance at Rs 2999/year
Business Hosting Plan:
1) Business starter at Rs 2388/year
2) Business Pro at Rs 4788/year


Katya IT Solutions provides their customers and Resellers the best Web and Marketing solutions through a combination of good support and innovative products. They continue to develop the state of the art systems and enable a long-term benefit to their customers and Resellers. Katya Web always thinks innovatively and give best to their customers.


1) 24/7 technical support
2) 99.8% uptime guarantee
3) 7 days money-back guarantee 


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Katya Web support is very helpful and reliable. I haven't...
By Tapasendra Aalok
25th September 2017

Katya Web support is very helpful and reliable. I haven't faced any issues with my websites. Katya Web team members are very friendly to give a good solution. Overall it is one of the good option for web hosting services.
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