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HostCat is a part of Seeknext IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, they provide a shared hosting service based in Bangalore, India. Originally it was founded in June 2003 and launched in August 2003. HostCat is formed on behalf of many years of strategic research, development, and planning. HostCat provides web hosting, web designing, and Domain services to their customers. HostCat is an oriented company and they see their staff and customers as people. They believe in work ethics. HostCat believes both employees and clients are very important to them. HostCat has a small team, they want you to join with their relationship and understand that they are on the field for 10 years. Every support ticket is a thrilling to them.


1) Get a chance to host multiple domains with their hosting packages along with unlimited web hosting.
2) No overloaded servers and maximum uptime is something that they always guarantee.
3) 24/7 guaranteed customer support. Hence, you will never have to face any problem alone. 4)Fully affordable specially tailored packages and no hidden charges or gimmicks.
5) A fully functional cPanel will be provided to you with the hosting. Thus, you will be able to easily manage your hosting account.
6) With Hostcats, you will enjoy more than 99.9% server uptime.


Shared Hosting:
1) 2GBC at Rs 1443/year
2) 4GBC at Rs 2627/year
3) 8GBC at Rs 5237/year
4) 12GBC at Rs 7883/year
1) 2000MBWC at Rs 1978/year
2) 4000MBWC at Rs 3958/year
3) 8000MBWC at Rs 7918/year
4) 12000MBWC at Rs 11878/year


HostCat involved in delivering virtual data center services to their customers through remote management, which is incorporated into customer management portal and make it available over the SSL VPN gateway to the private service network. HostCat engineers perform as virtual onsite technicians to facilitate quality hosting services. HostCats helps in bringing the data center and hosting environments to the virtual realm that provides the customers with control over the outsourced environment.


There are many web hosting providers in the Indian market but when it comes to the quality of the service and customer support, HostCat is unbeatable. They offer 24/7 customer support to their clients, no matter what problem you are facing you will always be able to avail the perfect support from our team.


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I have make a payment of Rs 2178.11 to hostcats...
By Arjun Kumar
22nd November 2017

I have make a payment of Rs 2178.11 to hostcats on 6th of November 2017, my order number is 1000853 and CCAvenue Reference number is #106296121766, as they not provide me right services I have asked them to refund my amount. I have received a email from the hostcats on 15th November 2017 that my amount is refunded. I have checked my bank statement and also talked with the bank person but there is no such information about the received payment.

Very poor support and service on hostcats, guys don't use any services from hostcats.
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HostCat and their team support team really rock. They are...
By Daarun Gajdant
25th September 2017

HostCat and their team support team really rock. They are so friendly in providing services and there features are perfect for business. Whenever I am need of any help, HostCat team provide it in a very quick and useful manner. I appreciate HostCat services.
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