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NameBoy is a team of software and Internet pros who are having a great time putting technology to work so the naming process becomes less tedious and more rewarding.
Headquartered in Portland, OR, the company was founded in November 1999 and is privately held.
NameBoy, as its "name" suggests, is a domain name generating tool that's currently making waves all over the 'net. It's actually also a working title for a group of skilled software and Internet veterans who have woven their magic and created a very useful tool. Everyone's now into domain buying so it's tools like NameBoy that makes the purchase much easier. It doesn't matter if you're looking to enter a competitive field such as free poker or something as unique as your whole name, NameBoy can find the perfect and available domain name for you. Take a look at some of its feature below.
NameBoy is dedicated to offering the best name generator and locator on the Internet.
NameBoy is fast becoming the first place new businesses go on the web. The exploding demand for domain names, and the scarcity of supply, make finding a relevant, memorable, brand-worthy name one of the first concerns of any company launching a product or service. NameBoy is aggressively partnering with sites that want to attract these high-value customers, including providers of hosting, ISP, domain registration and brokering, legal, office product and business portal offerings.


1) Improved search results--Find related terms and phrases, easier than ever.
2) Multiple TLD check--Check availability in COM, NET, ORG and alternative and new TLDs simultaneously.
3) Domain Cart--Buy, appraise, and protect domain names from one page.
4) Domain Manager--Manage all your domains, no matter where they're registered, in one location.
5) Beta Tools--Check out new naming tools from the NameBoy lab.
6) Variations--Protect the space around your name.


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