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At HostCentric, they have made a commitment to providing their customers with outstanding, affordable shared hosting solutions. While most other hosts offer a variety of services, such as dedicated and managed hosting, their team is focused completely on shared hosting.
For those unfamiliar with the term, shared hosts provide customers with a back-end data architecture that is "shared" by all of its customers. Shared hosts also offer all customers tools that make it easy to upload files, manage email, and update and enhance their websites.
Shared hosting offers customers great flexibility, and because customer files are allocated across a number of server pools (rather than being assigned to a particular server), shared hosting generally offers more redundancy, which means that websites experience minimal downtime. If there is a problem with one server, another server is there to back it up.
For most customers, shared hosting is an ideal solution that makes having a website quick, easy and relatively worry free. However, providing the outstanding shared hosting their customers deserve requires a single-minded focus.


HostCentric offers a choice of three reseller plans, each offering a unique way to manage your client accounts. As a reseller, you won't need to choose one plan. You can enroll in all three, which will give you the flexibility to choose the right program based on the needs of your individual clients. And, you can use their unified Reseller Console to manage all of your client accounts, in all programs, from one location.
1) Private Label Program: Create a hosting business using your brand, while our team handles technical support and billing.
2) Wholesale Program: Receive deep discounts on hosting plans, while you maintain a direct relationship with your clients.
3) Wholesale Plus Program: Offers a branded control panel, hosting discounts and allows you to work with your clients on support and billing issues.


The One Plan(Unix Platform) starts from:
1) Monthly Payments at $5.95/month
2) Quarterly Plan at $8.95/month
3) One-Year Plan at $7.95/month
4) Two-Year Plan at $6.95/month
5) Three-Year Plan at $ 5.95/month


In fact, they take commitment to their customers so seriously that in June 2005, we relaunched HostCentric as a shared-only hosting platform. That means that their support team, engineers, system administrators, marketing and product teams have only one goal-to deliver outstanding, reliable and innovative hosting services to customers who are best served by a unified, shared platform and access to simple-to-use, robust tool sets.


The hosting environment offered by HostCentric is stable and reduntant. Load balanced Lnux machines are used to server all your files. HostCentric takes necessary measures to give you fast and reliable hosting experience.


HostCentric offers 24x7 telephone, email and chat support. Their centers are staffed with professionals who are constantly monitored and evaluated on their product knowledge, willingness to help their customers and on their ability to teach customers to use their tools to manage their sites more effectively.


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After using HostCentric my business was running in loss and...
By Swithin Amanna
28th June 2017

After using HostCentric my business was running in loss and I was really fed up with their nonresponsive support and the worst support team. My suggestion is not to go to his provider.
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I shifted to hostcentic, hoping they will give me good...
By Deepak Singh
27th June 2017

I shifted to hostcentic, hoping they will give me good service. They give pathetic service. My website has been effected badly from the time I started hosting my website. They have no technical support
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This is one of the worst shared hosting provider. They...
By Vipul Dubey
26th June 2017

This is one of the worst shared hosting provider. They are not uptime when it comes to solving their customer issue very poor and pathetic support from their end. Even the price range is high, compared to other hosting providers.
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They are not able to give their best with customers....
By Koushik
24th June 2017

They are not able to give their best with customers. They have a good features for customers, but they fail to implement. They have to build a good plan and security for their customers.
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