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 Hosting Raja is one of the fastest developing web hosting organization in India. HostingRaja clients are provided with certain low-cost web hosting plans at the first class quality. HostingRaja has developed this range of top web hosting packages by using both Windows and Linux operating systems. HostingRaja offers the best hosting service because of their dedicated group of team members who are capable of providing a 99.9% uptime. HostingRaja uses the recent technology and provides the best services to their clients. HostingRaja team members always make use of RAID generation for the servers for reducing the downtime.


HostingRaja provides first-class web hosting services with the help of their dedicated group of Engineers who are capable of providing 99.9% of uptime guarantee, that is quite difficult in web hosting services. Additionally, they also offer 24/7 customer support and technical by their certified group of members. As an expert, they understand that there's yet another perspective to be viewed as that is server uptime. If your website is down most of the time then spaces and affordability emerge as inconsequential. HostingRaja ensures 99.9% uptime and the undertaking is spending unreasonably the best innovation for facilitating the website. The use of fine innovation and offering best administrations is their motto. Their talented group dependably makes utilization of RAID age for the servers for ceasing the downtime.  


Hosting Features:

1)Unlimited Websites                                                               

2)Unlimited Web Space                                                            

3)Unlimited Bandwidth                                                              

4)Unlimited Emails                                                                    

5)Unlimited FTP Accounts                                                         

6)Free Plesk                                                                              

7)3GB RAM                                                                               

8)CPU Power                                                                              

9)Get Any One Free Domain                                                     

10)99.9% uptime guarantee                                       

11)Dedicated 24/7 technical support

12)Fully equipped with Cpanel, MySql, PHP, Perl

13)Free domain name    



Hosting Plans and Pricing:

Windows Web Hosting:

1)Silver starts at Rs 199/month

2)Gold starts at Rs 259/month

3)Unlimited starts at Rs 359/month

4)Premium corporate starts at Rs 599/month

5)Premium enterprise starts at Rs 642/month


Linux Web Hosting:

1)Starter starts at Rs 139/month

2)Silver starts at Rs 179/month

3)Gold starts at Rs 239/month

4)Unlimited starts at Rs 339/month

5)Premium SME starts at Rs 499/month

6)Premium corporate starts at Rs 699/month

HostingRaja Complaints and Reviews:


By Steven Rausch

 “Hosting Raja is a Fake hosting Provider that gets people with low pricing on their hook.They have only customer support until you bought the package, then you are lost. The servers are regularly down and there are technical problems EVERYWHERE, and you do not receive any help. This provider cost us a lot of money and time and did not give us a refund. I seriously think that all those positive reviews are bought and fake, just like the company is.”


By Kamal

 “I have been a customer of Been a customer of HostingRaja for 2 years, their service was good. But from last 4 months, their service has gone bad. Most of the time my sites are down. When I call their support team, they put my call on hold and proper explanation is not given to the problems. Worst service by HostingRaja.”

By Matthews

 “I will share my experience of hosting my website in HostingRaja. They are not providing good services, they pretend as if they will be providing good features, but later they fail in providing.”


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