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It is very important nowadays to find out the reviews of your hosting service provider before buying services particularly in web hosting industry. Hosting is the essential part of your business plans, so you should check the review of the service provider before going for the services. How do you check the quality of the services provided by top web hosting companies in India. There are various ways to check the quality of service provided by the way hosting companies.  We review the publishing company in terms of various factors such as quality of service, uptime, reliability, support quality,  technical support, sales support and speed of the website.
You can check the review of any web hosting provider by visiting the Facebook page, Twitter page and any other social media pages of the company. For example if you want know the quality of support of Godaddy then you can visit Godaddy Facebook page and Twitter page. There you will find a genuine review written by the customers going to social media page is the best way to know the real reviews of any website hosting providers.
There are more than 100 popular web hosting providers are in India. Choosing one of the best providers for your business is very critical. How do you choose your hosting provider for your business ? In every city, If you look at it, there are around 100 to 200 small time web hosting provider.You should not go with small providers because one of them very important reason is that they do not have more number of employees to provide genuinely 24/7 support. Most of the small website hosting provider in India rent the hosting server from big companies or they buy service from big companies and then resell hosting to customers like you. Imagine you are buying a hosting from small web hosting company which is managed by one or two people then what will happen whenever they go for a festival or whenever they fall sick or any issue comes within the small team then you cannot expect the quality support from them all the 365 days in a day. If you go with you pick up a hosting Company such as HostGator, Godaddy, HostingRaja, BigRock, BlueHost they will have hundreds of people providing a technical support to you through out the 365 days in a year.
Before buying hosting from any web hosting company you have to ask the question where is your server is located ? in which city the data centre is there ? if the servers are located in some European countries are Singapore or some other Asian countries then you will have more latency, more latency directly related to more loading time. So whenever you by  hosting from any hosting company very strongly insist for Indian server which is located in any of the Indian data centres.
There are many web hosting companies in India who provides free domain name along with your website hosting hence it is a wise decision to choose this action and save your money spent on website hosting. Take example of some of the hosting provider in India, they provide free domain name when you buy hosting for two or three years with unlimited or premium hosting it make sense to go with companies like who provides free domain this way you can save lots of money.
If you look at the hosting sites in India, it is mainly dominated by few top players such as HostGator, HostingRaja, Godaddy. Hostingraja is Indian best web hosting company and it is presented and started in Bangalore hosting companies such as who's better and Godaddy are originated from USA they are American based web hosting company. Even companies like hostgator and Godaddy they are providing Indian website and hosting support from Indian cities they also have data centre in India.
What is web hosting sites means, the websites which are the hosting provider who provides web hosting for your business to have a website or email and providing a web application or running your portal.
There are some web hosting companies who provides excellent website builder to build websites for your cooperation. If you are not able to afford a decent amount for hiring a web designer then you can build website Yourself by going with website builder in some companies you get website builder as a part of your hosting packages. So choose your web hosting plan wisely so that you have website builder option and free domain and also available with the same hosting plan.



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