Earn money when you buy hosting

We are the only website in the world, when you buy hosting using our website we give you 1000 rupees money back to you.

How it works

After you buy hosting from any hosting provider listed on our website, then contact us with your customer email ID and also purchase date and purchase amount we will provide you 1000 rupees money back.  We will process this amount only after 90 days.

We will get our affiliate commission after 90 or 120 days based on various hosting provider if we get our commission, we are very happy to share our money with you. please contact us after 90 or 120 days to claim your money back.

NOTE: We can provide Rs. 1000 ONLY If we received affiliate commission from hosting provider.

Types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting available you need to find out what is your most suitable logo sting plan for you and choose the most suitable for boosting to benefit better.

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud web hosting
  • Wordpress web hosting
  • Java Web hosting
  • Premium web hosting
  • KVM VPS web hosting
  • Linux web hosting
  • Windows web hosting
  • Dedicated server up hosting

How to choose the best web hosting company

Choosing your  web hosting company for your website is most critical decision you will ever take regarding your business. Once you choose the wrong web hosting company you will end up paying more money and wasting more money and bringing a bad reputation for your online presence. Hence choosing the best web hosting company is very essential part of your business plan. If you are from India to then choosing a hosting Indian company is a wise decision and whenever you choose web hosting company find out the reviews of the web hosting company in online and choose the best web hosting company. Check the speed of the web service before deciding.

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