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VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a services that gives you a web server’s hardware to share with others without sharing the software because of which you will be having a complete root control over the server as it is your own dedicated server but you will still share the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth with other users. You can guarantee CPU, disk space, and memory with this also you can install whatever you want.


cPanel is a Web based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to the owner of the website and allow them to manage their websites from a web based interface. This program gives users a graphical interface through which they control the portion of UNIX server. The tools provided is designed for the simplify running and controlling a website. It uses a tiered structure which allows different levels of access. The administrators and end users can controls services different aspect and website directly through their browser. It depends on hosting provider the cpanel will generally have some sort of auto installer of package dedicated to content management systems like Wordpress.

Features of cPanel

Web hosting represents a near unlimited number of possibilities in the way a user can manage their website or server by the quantity of tools offered by cPanel.
Fully managed server is allowed to each user with their online presence professionally and with minimal training involved.
We have brought all the best features of cPanel which will your website run successfully and listed below.-


The first and main thing in a business is good communication which only done through a email for that you should maintain multiple email account for multiple users,business specific email addresses, blocking spam, and creating filters can be a hassle. cPanel has created easy to use tools that enables the owners of the website to control email from easy to use interfaces. They offer this with many features like E-mail Accounts, Forwarders, Auto Responders, MX Entry Modification, Account Level Filtering, Webmail, SpamAssassin, Email Authentication and many more.


The second is securing your website and server. So, It provide cPanel that will help users by providing them the needed tools which reduce the possibility of attacks all the while giving the website owner secure access to their servers. They offer this with many features like IP Deny Manager, GNUPG Keys, HotLink Protection, GNUPG Keys, Password Protect Directories, Leech Protection and many more.

File Management

The third and most important is managing the file. Through multiple domain, subdomain, email accounts, CMS platform and many other. The users should be access the server through FTP. The website owner overwhelmed with trying to manage the server. HostingRaja cPanel will make it easy for the users to use it. They offer this with many features like File Backups, File Manager, Disk Space Usage, Web Disk, FTP Account Management, FTP Session Control, Backup Wizard and many more.

Domain Management

The fourth and final most is managing the domain customer are running a server will be needed to have subdomain , add domain to their hosting account or park domain. cPanel makes these features available to their customer. They offer this with many features like Redirects, Addon Domains, Sub-Domains, Simple DNS Zone Editor, Parked Domains and many more.

Easy Server Management

With the Advance users found on VPS and dedicated server, command line scripts are available. You can save time by working within the command line and soon configure, investigate server issues and executed commands. This includes delpop, suspendacct, cpbackup, restartsrv and any more.


FatCow was found on 1988. They have grown their company with the dedicated group of talented people. It focuses entirely on delivering the best value and customer services experience in web hosting to the small business users. They put all the efforts to make their service easy to own, easy to use and most importantly to provide real business value.Read our Fatcow Review here

Features of FatCow

  • Free domain name
  • Free email address
  • WordPress
  • Gallery2
  • phpBB
  • GBook
  • Joomla
  • Poll, Survey, Counter Tools
  • unlimited domains
  • Free ad credits
  • Best apps on the web
  • Free website builder
  • ecommerce website
  • 30 days money back
  • Google webmaster Tools


Quick Host was founded on 2005. It is a hosting company which offers you best hosting services at affordable price. They have a very good tech support which have all the answers for the customer's question related to hosting. They provide many features with hosting.

Features of Quick2Host

  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Databases
  • Unlimited Database Space
  • MySQL support
  • Domain Hosting
  • Sub-domains
  • Site templates
  • 24/7 Unlimited Support


SpeedHost was formed on 2007. They are best Service provider of products 1, our powerful vps Hosting & other services. The customer can create emails, install a blog and add sub domains and also check the server status all by them self by a simple click and if you want their executives to manage the same on your behalf they will do it. Because of this aspect speedhost is different from other hosting companies and make them as preferred choice of various individuals, companies and corporate houses.

Features of SpeedHost

  • NetApp FAS3240
  • 99.999% Uptime.
  • NetApp FAS3240 Enterprise Level Shared Storage
  • Proactive detection of possible hardrive corruption or failure
  • Hardrive replacements with zero downtime and data loss
  • Automated snapshots ensure zero data loss incase of disk corruption
  • Dual Hex-Core Intel Xeon Processors
  • 72 GB RAM & 250 GB Mirrored HardDrives
  • Web based access to your VPS package with built in dashboards and reporting
  • Fully Qualified Technical Support
  • 24/7 Live Chat/Phone/Email and Monitoring
  • Installation & Support of Core software Packages
  • Core Operating System Updates & Patches
  • Security Enhancements
  • Proactive Response & Restoration of Monitoring Events
  • Monitoring Alerts & Notifications
  • Setup of VPS
  • Full Control Panel Support - cPanel/WHM
  • Control Panel Updates & Patches - cPanel/WHM
  • Addon Dedicated IPs
  • Private SSL Certificates
  • Multiple Shopping Carts
  • cPanel platform with multiple payment gateway compatibility
  • Compatible with WHMCS




globe host.jpeg

GlobeHost offers pleasant VPS(Virtual Private Server) comparative to some different VPS service providers. As additionally,  they provide the best customer support. They offer the full guide to their clients by working 24/7. GlobeHost is one of the web hosting corporation in India proving their customers the best at decrease fee feasible.

Features of GlobeHost:  


1)Unlimited disk space

2)Unlimited FTP users

3)Unlimited bandwidth

4)Unlimited websites


5)Unlimited MySQL Databases


So, You can compare these three best Hosting companies reviews and also others and select the one which gives you best VPS Hosting with Free cPanel.

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