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KVM basically provides hypervisor or virtualization Technology based on Linux Kernel. KVM is most popular visualization technology on Linux platforms such as Ubuntu and centos. KVM is widely used in recent cloud Technologies and KVM is adopted by most of the top technology companies in the world, even CloudStack and OpenStack and other cloud technologies use KVM as an underlying Technology to build cloud platform.


One of the best feature of KVM based virtualization Technologies that you can run any flavor of Linux and Unix such as CentOs,  Ubuntu, BSD UNIX and any other Linux based operating system. Using QEMU Technology KVM provides near native speed and it directly interacts with the bare metal hardware and other parts such as the disc, device drivers, and RAM for providing highest speed.


KVM is one of the most stable and widely used virtualization Technology and it has become part of Linux Kernel since 2017 it is almost 10-year-old visualization Technology, it means that it is mature and well stable technology and it is very easy to provision your virtual machines and it is easy to scale up or down. There are many companies in India providing KVM based VMs and cloud Technologies if you are willing to pay some extra prices even you can get managed support for your KVM based virtualization.




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HostingRaja KVM VPS Hosting Features:


1)Dual Core

2)RAM : 3 GB

3)Disk Space: 90 GB

4)Bandwidth : 3000 GB

5)FREE Varnish Server

6)FREE Website Optimization

7)Spamassassin included

8)Control Panel - FREE Worth Rs. 7200/Yr

9)Real-Time Malware Injection Scan

10)Real-time PHP Vulnerability Check


HostingRaja KVM VPS Price Info:


1)Basic VPS starts at Rs 999/month

2)Value VPS starts at Rs 2110/month

3)Premium VPS starts at Rs 2357/month

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BigRock KVM VPS Hosting Features:


1)1 free Primary IP

2)Additional Storage

3)Full Root Access

4)Guaranteed Resources

5)Server Management Panel

6)Pre-Installed cPanel

BigRock KVM VPS Price Info:


1)Standard starts at Rs 1,299/month

2)Enhanced starts at Rs 2,199/month

3)Premium starts at Rs 3,599/month

4)Ultimate starts at Rs 4,499/month


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