Is Cheap Web Hosting good?




Web hosts that are cheaper usually have to cut corners somewhere to make it cheaper.

One trouble you can encounter, when operating with small agencies, is cheap Web hosting services. Mostly, the truism, “you get what you pay for,” is one hundred percent proper with regards to your web host. The issues with cheap web hosting are the legend. Due to the fact many web hosting companies operate thousands of websites on a single server, load times can frequently be decreased with cheap hosting services.


If the web hosting organization lacks redundancy, and a server goes down, your website goes down with it. If you have not backed up your website, there is a chance of losing all the data. Most of the web hosting corporations don’t back up your website for cheap hosting services.


Some cons of cheap hosting:

1)Don’t compromise on quality

2)Don’t compromise on speed

4)Don’t compromise on website quality

5)Don’t compromise on website speed

6)Don’t compromise on website performance



A cheap host is a bad host:

Example: You're have been invited as a guest to someone’s residence. The host serves you with a rotten, cheap and unhygienic meal. what will be your reaction? you will surely no longer just like the enjoy you have along with your host. You might be feeling uneasy and there may be a thought of you being insulted with the kind of food served to you. You'll have a terrible opinion about your host.

It is same when it comes to web hosting services. At the time when you start facing problems with your cheap host, you sense that your money is lost. Your efforts went in useless. You recognize that you have a bad experience with your cheap host services.



For your reference, we can recommend some of the cheap web hosting companies based on the services and comparison.





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