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Hyper-v is a Microsoft hypervisor Technology based on Microsoft Windows Server. Microsoft came up with a hypervisor technology in 2008 for satisfying Microsoft customers. Before 2008 VMware was one of the top leading hypervisor technologies used by various Technology leaders throughout the world. Microsoft hyper-v Technology helps you to run all Microsoft based applications such as asp.net and Visual Basic Visual Studio Technologies up today in 2017 HyperV is one of the leading hypervisor technologies used worldwide. Hyper-v is based on native hypervisor Technology it means that it directly controls the hardware of the server hypervisor interacts with hardware of the server and allocates various other system resources like RAM, hard disc and CPU nowadays web hosting companies provide hypervisor technology on latest 2016 Windows Server.


Most of the web hosting companies in India use windows 2016 server datacenter edition and it has the option to Run unlimited games under single licences so typically any bare metal server can run up to 50 or 60 grams on a single machine when you buy hypervisor hyper V VM from any hosting companies you have to ensure that it is not work was sold hyper-v is one of the best hypervisor technology available today.


DO NOT Run Linux based virtual machines such as to Ubuntu or Centos on hyper-v based virtualization. Hyper-v provides better performance for Windows operating system whereas if you want to run Linux VM then it is always to better to go for KVM or VMware based virtualization Technology.


Going for HyperV virtual machine is better than going for a Windows dedicated server or even in fact you can go for hyper-v based cloud Technologies, you can avail scalability and less downtime with Virtualization Technology. In the dedicated server, if there is any hardware problem you might end up with you more downtime.


List of top HyperV VPS Hosting companies:




hostingraja logo.jpg


HostingRaja HyperV VPS Hosting Features:


1)Dual Core

2)RAM : 3 GB

3)Disk Space: 90 GB

 4)Bandwidth : 3000 GB


HostingRaja HyperV VPS Price Info:


1)Windows basic starts at Rs 1999/month

2)Windows Value starts at Rs 2499/month

3)Windows Premium starts at Rs 3499/month










HostGator HyperV VPS Hosting Features:


1)Pre-installed cPanel

2)DDoS protection

3)Guaranteed Resources

4)Robust Network Infrastructure

 5)Root Access


HostGator HyperV VPS Price Info:


1)Snappy 2000 starts at Rs 1495/month

2)Snappy 4000 starts at Rs 3395/month

3)Snappy 6000 starts at Rs 4595/month


hostgator vps.png




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