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Reseller Hosting is a method of web hosting services. In Reseller Hosting services the owner will use the provided hard drive space and bandwidth in case of third parties. Reseller is a method of purchasing the hosting services for wholesale and then reselling it to clients in order to make the profit.


Reseller will sell a particular part of disc space and bandwidth to their clients, without the need to rent a server from a web hosting company. Reseller hosting doesn't need any information relating to technical aspects of web hosting. They'll be responsible for the interfacing their client base. However, all software and hardware issues are sent to the server providers, from whom the reseller package was purchased. Most of the profit earning reseller organization do extensive marketing to attract customers.  Mostly Reseller might be a web designing company or web developer and offer web hosting as an additional package.


Reseller hosting is easy to afford for new entrepreneurs and for start-up organizations. In Reseller hosting, they can create their own service plan and their own price system. Reseller will be able to manage their own branding through some kind of control panels and servers. Reseller hosting is taken into account as a relationship between the retailer and wholesaler. Web hosting company play the role of wholesaler and provides space on their servers to resellers.


The Reseller can charge an amount for space that has been leased.  Resellers are very helpful for the fast and easy way to spread the business to the new surroundings domestically and globally with low cost. There is also a chance of increasing awareness with the help of resellers, as they will promote the business and accept the price of marketing and decrease the advertising cost.



      HostingRaja Reseller Hosting features, price details and reviews


HostingRaja provides Unlimited cPanel and MySQL Database. They also offer 99.9% Uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support with Reseller hosting services.


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  HostingRaja Reseller Hosting features:


                                            1)Unlimited Domains

                                            2)Unlimited Accounts

                                            3)Unlimited Bandwidth

                                            4)Free Cpanel / WHM

                                            5)Free Softaculous

                                            6)CPU Power

                                            7)Malware & Virus Clean

                                            8)Real time Malware Injection Scan

                                            9)Real time PHP Vulnerability Check

                                           10)Inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer

                             HostingRaja dedicated server price info:


                                        1)Bronze starts at Rs 1200/month

                                        2)Gold starts at Rs 2475/month

                                        3)Unlimited starts at Rs 4050/month





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