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43.75% of the customers feel positive about M2Host and 56.25% customers feel negative about M2Host.

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Cline Name: Chris


Here's my experience of ...
I am starting a programming project for a game and I decided to register the domain. Thankfully I registered it from a 3rd party registrar instead of m2host.
I saw a hosting service offering $1 a month service and is advertised as "The Perfect Web Hosting you would need". They also advertised a 30-day refund guarantee. It seemed ... acceptable as this project I'm working on is unlikely to become something big in the next month or two.
Anyhow, I purchased service from them on a 12 month payment (how silly of me). The website performed fine, it had acceptable speeds and ping times. However, the problem was that I couldn't access my webmail properly; which is an important part of my project. I contacted and waited 3 days for a response. Nothing came. Then I asked for a refund on my 12-month purchase saying that I'd rather home host the website rather than publish it on shared hosting. A whopping 2 weeks passed by of waiting for the same response, "Billing dept will contact u shortly". Their live chat service agents are only programmed to answer with a huge array of pre-programmed messages that aren't even grammatically correct. They even refuse to help newcomers on their live chat responding, "push this page and order the service".

So in anger, I attempted calling their 1-800 number. I waited about 15 seconds, then received a response, "This call center is no longer in service". Numerous times I have tried resolving this issue with them peacefully, but nothing came except ignorance and unreliable service. I most definitely would not want anybody to go through the same unreliable and untrustworthy service m2host offers that I went through.
It is true, however, you get what you pay for.

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Cline Name: Hamsa


This is one GREAT host
I have been a customer with M2Host for several months now. Although there has been some downtime, they have always responded as to why that downtime occurred and worked quickly to resolve their issue.
If anyone is reading this and is considering switching or even just getting a host for the first time, I fully stand behind M2Host. These are REAL people who obviously know their stuff and are willing to work hard to make YOU hap

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Cline Name: Andrew


Brutal and Scam

this is by far the worst host i have ever encounted in my whole life as a web designer

1. Uptime & Reliability: Their website is down for the most part of the day. I have installed a monitor to monitor the account inactivity and it reports at least 5 hour per day of downtime which is pretty bad. M2Host is advertising 99.9 uptime guaranteed which is not true and they are doing it to lure you in to sign up with them

2. Server & Connection speed: Bad. Their servers are bad.

3. Technical support and knowledge: I guess they are ok on that area. They know most part of what you request to them.

4. Customer service & billing: The worst out of all. a. they dont have a phone number support line and the toll free they list in their website does not work! it forwards to a voicemail than nobody answers or call you back. As far as their policy go, as soon as they will generate your invoice they will suspend your account the same day without sending you a deadline to pay your bill. My last invoice was generated on 3/15/2012 and the same day they suspended my account. It took me 2 days to unsuspend the account, i had my clients calling and complaining, overall, they treat you like ship and crap with no respect. Bad customer service and ethics. All of their employees are not US Based and they are rude. In another incident i was waiting on the chat room and the guy hanged up on me while i was with them in the chat. So rude and disrespectful. Then he went offline and never came back until the next day!

5. Price value for money - i guess you get what you pay for. Cheap value for cheap service and bad customer support

If i recommend this host? hell no! save your money and time by signing with a reputable server provider. You may pay a little bit more but on the long run its worth the investment

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Cline Name: Oliver


I just moved my websites from M2Host after a year of fighting with them. These are the problems i faced;

-My website which has an average of 250 visitors everyday was crashing every single week.

-My account was always shut down 2weeks before the invoice due date of each billing cycle.

-Email accounts were constantly crashing

-They always fixed the problems each time i contacted them but at times the same problem popped up just a few hours later

My websites which had high traffic went off every week.

I had to give myself a full time job throughout the day just to make sure that all my websites were all functioning.

This is one host you need to stay away from!!!

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Cline Name: Marcus


I switched to M2host a few months ago after I had a lot of lengthy downtime with my previous host. My experience with M2host was quite the opposite. My site has hardly been down at all. My site`s response time is also very fast. M2host customer service has been excellent.

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Cline Name: Quartarone


After a couple of bad experiences I got smart and did my homework. I researched reviews and ratings and then called They gave me space and didn't give me a high pressure sale. I went with, then the good... got even better. Everyone I spoke with on the vhat and by text excelled at their craft. They should bottle their customer service and have some other companies drink it. Sure, they must have a great training program but what I was really impressed with was their people... they have great people!. Nothing seemed rehearsed. They were just easy going and had a nice vibe about them. You people have it down... a great

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