BigRock Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting services is the alternative to shared website hosting, in which the resources are shared among the different clients. It's very important for massive and complicated websites that require more of bandwidth, disk space, applications and software program to function. This kind is the precise preference for websites to preserve an excessive quantity of site visitors and fast transfer of data. It permits webmasters to have general manipulate of their website since the performance of their websites is only managed by using inner elements and now not by using different websites. For internet developers, installation and embedding of complex applications such as online shopping equipment and automatic tools can be executed with out affecting the steadiness of the servers.

BigRock takes an amazing pride in the hardware that they use for their dedicated servers. BigRock makes use of the simplest and carefully examined Blade servers developed by  SuperMicro.. To make sure that you will never run out of space on your server, BigRock offers the power of infinitely for extending the storage with the help of Shared storage device. This is further for your default local RAID 1 reflected hard drives. This Cloud storage is developed instantly, with one click on of the mouse. To take the best care of your information, all their servers include hard disks by using default with RAID1 enabled, and it makes sure in case if  one hard disk completely breaks down, your records are still intact and your server will remain online.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and want to make sure that every programmer feels right at home. Keeping this in mind, we support PHP 5.2/5.3, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. Coming now to databases, We support an unlimited number of MySQL databases which will deliver several breakthrough capabilities that will enable your organization to scale database operations with confidence.


BigRock is committed in providing the best customer support and needs to ensure that each programmer feels right at the place. Keeping this a concept, BigRock supports Perl, Python, PHP 5.2/5.3 and Ruby on Rails. BigRock supports database like the wide variety of limitless MySQL databases to be able to supply several breakthrough skills as a way to permit your company to scale database operations with self-belief. Clients can without difficulty manipulate their shared account from an internet browser with the help of intuitive control panel. If you are managing one or multiple servers and websites, cPanel’s easy and user-friendly interface allows you to personalize your web hosting services to fit your basic needs.

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